WLAN Network : Overview 2022

WLAN Network : Overview 2022 Wireless LANs refer to Local Area Networks which use radio waves at high frequencies instead of cables to connect devices. WLANs allow users to move within the network coverage area. WLANs are usually based on IEEE 802.11 or WiFi.   IEEE 802.11 Architecture   These are the components of an … Read more

6G Network : overview 2022 is just a begining

6G Network : overview 2022 is just a begining     This will increase the performance of 5G apps by increasing capacity and reducing latency. This will allow for new applications in wireless connectivity and cognition as well as sensing and imaging. Access points can now serve multiple clients simultaneously using 6G via orthogonal frequencies-division … Read more

Enterprise Private Network In USA

Enterprise Private Network In USA   An enterprise private network allows companies to connect offices in different locations via a computer network. A private enterprise network is designed to share computer resources.   Private networks in the United States were established by AT&T in the 1970s. They were mostly operated via telecommunications networks. As the … Read more

Storage Area Network SAN In USA

Storage Area Network SAN     ( kw : Storage Area Network ) A Storage Area Network is a high-speed, specialized network that allows storage devices to access the Internet. SANs typically consist of hosts, switches and storage elements. They can also be interconnected with a variety topologies and protocols. Storage Area Networks may span … Read more