Mortgage Glossary of Terms

Unfavorable Credit
The term utilized in the event that the borrower has an unfortunate record as a consumer. This could incorporate past home loan or advance unfulfilled obligations, insolvency or Ccj’s. Different terms used to portray an unfriendly credit contract include:

Terrible credit contract
Unfortunate credit contract
Non status contract
Credit impeded contract
No credit contract
Low financial assessment contract


APR (Yearly Rate)
The loan fee mirroring the expense of a home loan as a yearly rate. The APR furnishes home purchasers with the capacity to think about various kinds of home loans in view of the yearly expense of each.

Plan Expense
The charge you pay your Moneylender as a trade-off for them furnishing you with a home loan. Typically paid on finish or with your application, these expenses for the most part apply when you take out a proper rate, markdown or cashback contract.

AST (Guaranteed Shorthold Tenure)
A type of tenure that gives the landowner the option to repossess their property after a limited time frame spread out in the occupancy understanding. New tenures are naturally ASTs except if generally expressed.

Guaranteed tenure
The landowner can charge a market lease (the ongoing rate for comparable property around there) and reclaim the property under specific circumstances, as set out in the Lodging Demonstrations of 1988 and 1996.

Spanning Advance/Money
Transient advance to empower the acquisition of one property before the offer of one more basically delivering reserves that are expected for the buy. You ought to continuously counsel an expert prior to considering any spanning finance as it very well may be an answer that is more regrettable than the issue.

Intermediaries Expense
An expense charged by a go-between or counsel for finding the most fitting home loan for the borrower.

Structures protection
Protection you can take out when you purchase a property that will take care of the expense of any harm to the house or potentially contents..


Purchase to Let
A home loan implied for the people who wish to buy a property to lease to other people. The choice on whether you can reimburse this sort of home loan is many times put together up with respect to the future rental pay from the property as opposed to the individual pay of you the borrower.

CCJ (Area Court Judgment)
A judgment arrived at in the District Court by and large realted to non installment of a credit, contract and so forth obligation overall. On the off chance that you take care of the obligation, the CCJ will be fulfilled and a note is placed on your records that expresses this.

A lodging ‘tie’ comprised of various purchasers and venders, basically the line of purchasers and dealers engaged with each house move.

Any right or interest, particularly with a home loan, to which a freehold or leasehold property might be held. Fundamentally a charge is the case the bank has on the property until the home loan or credit is fulfilled.

The term utilized when the merchant and purchaser trade the funds expected to purchase a property through their separate specialists. At trade of agreements a store, normally 10%, will have been paid. Right now the purchaser becomes legitimate proprietor of the property.

The legitimate cycle where responsibility for property is moved from the vender to the purchaser. By and large embraced by a specialist, or authorized conveyancer.

Early reclamation expense
If you conclude that you need to sell your property or remortgage then you will be reclaiming you contract early. Most banks charge a punishment expense, particularly during any time of a fixed, covered or limited rate. Be certain you are clear about any potential punishments when you are going to take on a home loan.

Value and negative value
How much worth in a property that isn’t covered by a home loan – just take how much the home loan from the valuation to sort out the value. vThis is where the cash you owe on the home loan is more noteworthy than the worth of your property.


Trade of agreements
The agreement is a worked understanding that spreads out the terms between the purchaser and the dealer. At the point when the two players trade contracts, normally weeks before fulfillment, the arrangement turns out to be lawfully restricting. Frequently a store of around 10%, is paid at this stage.

Fixed Rate
A set financing cost on a home loan fixed for a while. This fluctuates from one moneylender to another.

On the off chance that you are the land owner through and through, your property is freehold. Most houses are freehold wheres numerous pads are leasehold, since you are not the proprietor of the entire structure containing the pads.

In the event that you are currently buying a property and your proposition has been acknowledged however the dealer gets a superior proposition, before you complete, and takes it then, at that point, you’ve quite recently been ‘Gazumped’.

Interest Just Home loan
A home loan by which the borrower is simply expected to pay inerest on the sum acquired during the home loan term. It is the borrowers obligation to guarantee that enough supports will exist (either through a venture strategy or different means) to reimburse the full home loan toward the finish of the term.

A home loan intermediary or guide who tracks down the most reasonable home loan for a borrower and organizes the home loan for their benefit.

On the off chance that you purchase a leasehold property you don’t possess the property rather the option to live there for a predefined timeframe, whatever amount of time stays on the rent. The proprietor of the property is known as the freeholder or landowner.


This relates more to business contracts. With a business contract responsibility for the reimbursement of the credit relies upon the legitimate design of the business:

A sole dealer will be by and by obligated for the home loan obligation. Individual resources could be seized in the event that the business defaults.
Accomplices are mutually obligated for the obligations of the organization and their own resources are in danger
With a restricted obligation organization and a restricted organization, the responsibility falls right off the bat on the business instead of on the singular accomplices and chiefs. The bank might take a drifting charge on business resources as a rule, as opposed to just on the ongoing property being bought.
The bank may likewise demand individual certifications as a state of conceding the credit, in which case the accomplices and chiefs might be held by and by at risk at any rate.

Disaster protection
Assuming that you have a joint home loan, extra security can be procured that will see the home loan paid of would it be a good idea for one of you pass on.

LTV (Credit to Esteem)
The size of the home loan as a level of the worth of the property for example A £90k contract on a house esteemed at £100k would mean a LTV of 90%.

MIG (Home loan Repayment Assurance)
An oddball installment made when you set up a home loan a sort of insurance contract for the moneylender. This
offers them security against the worth of the home tumbling to not exactly the home loan. It is for the most part simply accused to borrowers of an under 10% store, yet this can differ.

A credit to purchase a property where the property is utilized as protection from you repaying the credit.

The organization or association that loans you the cash.

The individual taking out the home loan.

Where a bank may not need pay subtleties from you or may acknowledge some past unfortunate financial record for example CCJ’s or past home loan unpaid debts.

Installment Occasion
A period during which the borrower makes no home loan installments.


Managed tenure
A lawful right to live in your convenience for a while. Your occupancy may be for a set period like a year (this is known as a proper term tenure) or it could move on seven days to-week or month-to-month premise (this is known as an occasional tenancy).You are a directed occupant in the event that you moved in before 15 January 1989, you pay lease to a confidential landowner and your property manager doesn’t live in a similar structure as you.

The taking on of a second home loan to take care of the first. The most widely recognized explanations behind doing this are that another home loan is accessible at a superior rate or that the worth of the property has gone up taking into consideration the chance to get more cash against the property.

Right to Purchase
For instance, an occupant in a board claimed property might buy the property at a markdown relying upon length of their tenure.

Self Guaranteed
For the most part when a borrower applies for a home loan the individual in question will be approached to give pay slips or organization records to demonstrate their pay. Assuming it is troublesome or awkward for you to give this proof, you can decide to self-ensure your pay. This includes marking an announcement which expresses your pay sources and sums. Moneylenders will charge you higher rates than normal and deal you a more restricted scope of home loans in the event that you decide to self-confirm your pay, overall it’s anything but smart to self-ensure just to stay away from some desk work.

Stamp Obligation
Charge paid by the purchaser of a property set at 1% for properties more than £60k, 3% for properties more than £250k and 4% for properties over £500k.

Primary study
The most colossal check of the construction of a property. This is completed by proficient assessor and ought to uncover any deformities or shortcomings with the structure.

A legitimate composed understanding between a property manager and occupant that sets out the details of the rental.

The time of years over which you take the home loan and reimburse it.

Term Affirmation
An insurance contract intended to reimburse the home loan on the demise of the guaranteed individual. Level Term Confirmation covers a chief total all through the strategy term and pays out everything on death.
Diminishing Term Confirmation is intended to reimburse the equilibrium remarkable on a reimbursement type contract upon death. Term Confirmation may likewise pay out right off the bat the conclusion of a terminal sickness.

The most common way of assessing a credit application to decide the gamble required for the bank. This includes an examination of the borrower’s financial soundness and the nature of the actual property.

Where the property is possessed out and out and no home loans or advances are gotten against it.

A straightforward check of the property to figure out the amount it is worth and whether it is reasonable to get a home loan against.

Valuation Expense
The expense paid by a borrower to take care of the expense of the bank making sure that the property is reasonable security for the home loan.

Variable Rate
A kind of loan cost the moneylender can charge. It goes all over and your reimbursements change as needs be.

The individual selling the property.

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