Is Your Cellphone Making You Sick?

Is Your Cellphone Making You Sick?

Is Your Cellphone Making You Debilitated?


In this day and age, we are presented to north of 100 million times more EMF radiation than our grandparents were! EMFs from telephones, Wi-Fi, microwaves, electrical cables, and more are difficult to stay away from.


Furthermore, concentrates on show that they significantly affect our bodies…




As a matter of fact, a new survey at the School of General Wellbeing at UC Berkeley found that spending only 17 minutes out of each day on your telephone throughout the span of 10 years is related with a 60% expansion in cerebrum malignant growth!


EMF radiation causes DNA harm, upsets chemicals, makes pressure proteins, adversely influences ripeness, and the CDC finished up there is a high likelihood that EMFs cause 2 sorts of cerebrum growths. You can’t “turn off” from openness to EMFs.


In any case, you CAN safeguard yourself.


The Safeguard Pendant is the #1 protection against the electromagnetic radiation we’re presented to everyday. Its strong focus is stacked with 36 minerals that produce negative particles, making a field that kills and diverts the positive particles of EMF radiation.


This permits you to partake in the advantages of current innovation while being shielded from the negative wellbeing impacts that accompany our cutting edge way of life.


For what reason Causes EMF Radiation Damage Us?


Consider this… our bodies run on power. You presumably don’t think about it that way, yet it’s valid… Electrical signs between your neurons convey messages to your cerebrum. Your heart, muscles, and organs generally run on power, as well. Your body’s power comes from synthetic substances like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium… which all have an electrical charge. You can see the ionic charge on an intermittent table of the components:


What’s more, power vibrates at various frequencies… and that is valid for your body as well as your cell, PC, and refrigerator.

You’re in a real sense conveying electrical “flows” from each organ, each cell of your body.


So what happens when there are clashing charges and vibrations surrounding us, every minute of every day?


EMF radiation causes harm at a cell level. It makes oxidative pressure, which ages your body’s DNA. It disturbs your chemicals, including cortisol (stress chemical), melatonin (rest chemical), testosterone, and estrogen.


It likewise meddles with the electrical movement in your cerebrum, which causes mind haze, fatigue, and temperament issues.


At the point when you comprehend how the body functions, it’s no big surprise we’re experiencing such countless persistent illnesses!


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Studies have demonstrated that these secret risks influence your wellbeing in numerous ways…

Cellphones, powerlines, WIFI, and 5G satellites are an unavoidable truth today.


We live with additional EMFs in our current circumstance than any time in recent memory… And they are causing significant damage.

Here are only a couple of the known side effects of EMF openness


A Biography…
A secret risk in my home nearly finished my marriage, my fantasies of a family…and my life.

The bright evening in April when the real estate agent put the keys to our most memorable house in my significant other’s hand was the day our fantasies worked out as expected…

It was likewise the day my bad dream started.


90 days in the wake of moving in, my wellbeing began to fizzle. I was depleted, had steady cerebral pains, was discombobulated, and couldn’t rest.

I felt restless constantly, neglectful, testy, and my chemicals were messed up… as a matter of fact, we were pursuing for a child however it simply wasn’t working out. I attempted nutrients, yoga, and made many outings to the specialist yet tracked down no help.


Quick forward a half year, and I was so wiped out, discouraged, and depleted that I was unable to get up. I felt like a weight on everybody around me, and couldn’t confront one more day. I’m embarrassed to just let it out, however I took each aggravation pill I had and nestled into the floor hanging tight for it to be finished… Say thanks to God my mother found me before it was past the point of no return.


My mom took me to her home until I was in a good place again… furthermore, the most bizarre thing occurred. A few days in the wake of going out I began to feel quite a bit improved… in addition to a little, however a Ton! I could rest. The migraines were no more. I felt such as myself once more…


Until I returned home, and in the span of 3 days I was right back where I began.


I’ll save you the subtleties of the months it brought for us to find the issue. At last, a home examiner found an exceptionally high Electromagnetic field in our kitchen… also, the EMF radiation from this field appeared to be the thing had been making me debilitated.


We had a circuit repairman fix the defective wiring that was causing the issue… yet, you truly can’t get away from EMFs, and at that point I was so delicate to them that it was all the while influencing my wellbeing.


After a ton of exploration, my significant other purchased a Guard Pendant for every one of us. I could barely handle it, yet in no less than an hour of putting on the pendant, I felt significantly improved. Loose. Conscious.

The cerebral pains were no more. I could nod off… what’s more, stay unconscious… around evening time. I shed the 20 pounds I’d put on since moving to our new house.

Furthermore, prepare to be blown away. After such countless long stretches of endeavoring, we are at last anticipating a child!


Today I’m better, more joyful, and more settled than any time in recent memory. I have worn my Guard Pendant consistently since I got it, particularly since becoming pregnant. It’s been a significant piece of my recuperating and return to wellbeing…

The Guard Pendant has given me back my life and I’ll at absolutely no point ever be without it in the future.

Laney Stewart

EMF Security With Safeguard Pendant
Presently there is a straightforward and slick method for safeguarding your wellbeing and prosperity as you are presented to the unavoidable electromagnetic radiation in the present climate.

While driving, shopping, or voyaging, in your home, office, or school, you will meet with EMF’s radiated by many sources – from wireless pinnacles to WiFi switches to shrewd meters to your own phone.

The EMF Guard Pendant Neckband will uphold your body against the adverse consequences of these EMF’s any place you go, 24 hours per day.

Limit your openness to hurtful EMFs with the Safeguard Pendant!
The Protection Pendant is a little piece of cutting edge innovation intended to fit energy waves around your body.

Its center layer contains 10,000 negative particles, 36 minerals, and a layer of dark tourmaline all sandwiched between tempered steel plates.

Individuals who wear the pendant report close moment alleviation from side effects and an expansion in wellbeing, resistance, and mental prosperity.

***Individual outcomes might differ

Quality You Can Feel.
At the point when you hold your Guard Pendant, you’ll promptly feel the strong load of its uniquely planned focus.

Between the smooth front and back layers, a plate of dark tourmaline alongside 36 different minerals is covered up. This is the “sorcery” that creates 10,000 pessimistic particles to adjust your own electric field.

The minerals in the pendant work for all time, so you’ll be safeguarded into the indefinite future.





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