LVLP Spray Gun Compressor Requirements: You Should Know!

LVLP Spray Gun Compressor Requirements: You Should Know!



Do you want a killer painting result from your LVLP spray gun? Then you should pay special attention to LVLP spray gun compressor requirements and other aspects of your painting project.

In this guide, we not only discussed the spray gun air pressure requirement but also covered several relevant concerns, which mostly raise questions for many of us. It will help you to understand more about the LVLP spray gun.




So without wasting time, let’s begin.


LVLP Spray Gun Compressor Requirements


LVLP is the most common spray gun, which comes with a compressor-driven unit. Due to this, if you don’t have an air-driven unit in your collection before, you must need an additional purchase.


One of the best advantages of LVLP is its lower cfm and lower pressure requirements, due to which it is compatible with the most commonly used home pneumatic power machines. However, if you want to purchase an expert-recommended best air compressor that meets your LVLP spray gun requirements, then you must check out this best air compressor for an LVLP spray gun guide.


Transfer Efficiency


If you see the HVLP spray guns, they mostly have a recommendation of at least a TE of 60 percent. But, when comparing HVLP vs LVLP spray gun, there is no such condition for the LVLP spray gun. A standard low-volume low-pressure spray gun has a 70 to 80 percent transfer efficiency range. Due to this, it is more suitable, less waste, and more money-saving than other spray guns.


CFM: Cubic Feet per Meter


CFM is really a crucial factor when you are searching for the best air compressor, especially for a spray gun. Basically, the CFM rating specifies how fast your air compressor will supply the airflow to your spray gun. Continuous airflow is necessary to run an air spray gun efficiently and get great performance.


Low volume low pressure is a more effective option, especially for small and medium jobs. Its compressor plays a very effective role in the lower cfm requirement painting job and can easily be operated at lower cfm.


It is difficult to say exactly how many cfm of compressor you will need. So before buying an air compressor, we suggest you first look at your LVLP spray gun cfm requirement and make sure that your picked air compressor is capable of producing a high enough cfm rate compared to your spray gun.



Compressor Requirements

A standard LVLP spray gun will run 5 to 10 cfm at low PSI, but a 15 to 35 PSI-capable compressor will be a great option if you want efficient performance.


However, as we mentioned before, the cfm demand for the LVLP spray gun is considerably smaller compared to the HVLP spray gun. Also, with lower airflow demand, the associated cost of purchasing a pneumatic powerhouse is comparatively less.



What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?


Now come to the main point, what size air compressor do you need for your LVLP spray gun? Well, though, we have already described the LVLP requirements. You must first figure out for which job you are looking for a compressor. Then, you have to pick the compressor depending on the cfm requirement of your spray gun.


Most experts agree to pick a minimum 5 gallons capacity air compressor. So pick a compressor that generates enough CFM and might not be too small. In this case, check this out to choose a good air compressor for the LVLP spray gun.


How Many PSI Should You Set the LVLP Gun for a Base Coat?


Many say that you will need 10 to 15 PSI when you pull the trigger. But according to experts, 17 PSI is perfect for base coating, and when you apply a clear coat with an LVLP spray gun, you will require 20 to 25 PSI.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Is the LVLP spray gun any good?


There are so many advantages of the LVLP spray gun. However, when you are looking to apply a little overspray and want fast finishing, then you will find very few options in the market as an alternative to LVLP.


In short, the LVLP spray gun is basically a perfect choice for lacquer, enamel, latex, chalk paint, clear coat, acrylic, and oil-based small and medium projects.


Can you paint a car with an LVLP gun?


The short answer is “Yes.” According to experts, it is a great pick for whole-range projects like low-volume low-pressure spray gun automobiles. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need additional experience; using your basic knowledge, you can bring unbeatable transfer efficiency with fine finishing.


Final Verdict


LVLP is a productive choice, especially when considering smaller units and easy transportation. Also, its lower cfm requirement and other segments are very effective.


Though LVLP spray guns are new in the painting industry, that’s why most of its resources can be difficult to find. However, it is not as complicated as the HVLP spray guns in the market, due to which you can easily find the exact compressor for your spray gun by easily fulfilling the LVLP spray gun compressor requirements. Hopefully, our low-volume low-pressure spray gun compressor requirements guide has helped you significantly.



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