The Best Open Frame Monitors In The USA

The Best Open Frame Monitors In The USA



If you’re in the market for a new computer monitor, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that might be obsolete in six months, an open frame monitor is just what you need. An open frame monitor (sometimes called a flat panel monitor) comes without the extra stuff—like speakers, controls, or housing—that most computer monitors have, so it costs less and takes up less space on your desk. On the other hand, all those additional parts usually add several hundred dollars to the price tag!  Open Frame Monitors In The USA


Open Frame Monitors In The USA



  1. OFU065A | 6.5 inch Open Frame Monitor


As a small-footprint and space-saving design, this minimal open frame is perfect for any application. Even as a new generation of LCD panels are introduced, the design of our open frame monitor enclosure will never change. When you design the screen in the monitor, the surrounding open frame enclosure will stay consistent throughout the lifetime of the product.


The Accuview four-tab system makes it easier for OFU065A open frame LCD customers to mount the unit into their product. The 6.5-inch display has been used in various applications, including display for instruments, kiosks, photo booths, and ATMs. The sturdy steel housing is precisely milled from a CNC machine and maintains top quality throughout the entire process. Accuview excels at integrating products. It is for this reason that Accuview’s production team is on standby, ready to customize your order to fit your needs.



  1. 7” Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor


faytech’s open frame capacitive touch monitors are perfect for industrial and business settings. The capacitive 10-finger multitouch panel delivers an easy to use experience for many purposes. The idea is to offer customers the ability to enjoy quality that extends the product’s lifespan and saves on operating costs by way of a High-Definition-Quality LCD with energy-efficient LED technology. With a broad selection of ports like HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB-Touch, serial (remote control) and DC-In, you can power a product as needed to expand with technology.


By merging the touch panel and the LCD panel, the visibility and durability of the device will improve while reflection will be reduced and viewing angles will widen. A general perceived increase in brightness will also be observed. This open frame variant is light in weight without a back case and so it is a perfect candidate for your own project or mount. Besides, the price will be lower because it doesn’t require a lot of parts. It is a perfect solution for places like airports, bars, hospitals, factories, convention centers, shopping malls, offices, schools, hospitals, and much more.


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  1. Elo 1291L Open Frame Touchscreen Display


The Elo 1291L 12-inch open frame touchscreen display is an industrial-grade solution for manufacturers and system integrators in need of a reliable product for their customers. Unlike other, expensive models, Elo 1291L has clear images and lightweight screens with reliable and touch-sensitive responses. The 90-Series product line is available in a wide range of sizes, touch technologies and brightness, offering the variety necessary for kiosk applications, such as self-service, gaming, automation, and healthcare.



  1. R08T100-OFA1


Optional Touchscreen / Touch-Protective Glass


The touchscreen is protected against cold temperatures, wet fingers, and dust by protective glass, meaning the display remains operable even when it is scratched deep.

The System Is Low-Power


This product’s low power usage and exceptional heat dissipation allow it to be ideal for commercial production facilities, making it highly sustainable for long-term use.

Removable and VESA compatible mounting.


These options such as rear or VESA mounting will give you the ability to choose which solution will work best for your application.



  1. POS-I-034-00-Pro-V1


This round 3.4″ Distec monitor is characterized by its unusual shape and is controlled interactively via the 10-finger capacitive touch screen.


The monitor’s powder-coated aluminium bezel, protective glass and wide operating temperature range make it an ideal solution for demanding applications. The mounting bolts on the rear allow for easy installation, and a sealing on the front protects the unit from dust and water jets.


The device can be configured in four different ways:




  1. POS-MO-101-00-PRO


This CE certified 10.1″ screen has a resolution of 1280×800 and can withstand a wide range of temperatures


In addition to the PCAP touchscreen, the robust but slim housing provides all the options for integrating the monitor into various applications. POS-MO-101-00-PRO delivers the detailed visualization and fine workmanship essential to projects requiring a long-term available platform.



  1. POS-Line-15-IQ-Celeron


This PC, from The Point Of Sale is based on the Intel Celeron J3455 and has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of space for a hard drive.


POS-Line monitors offer a modular system that can be used in either open-frame, desktop, or wall applications with various frames like TrueFlat glass or front panels.

Optional, TrueFlat glass has an IP65* protection.


there is a hole drilled into the front that is filed with material that fills in the void between the frame and the front wall.




  1. POS-Line 15 WebPoster M3


With its rugged housing and durable and long-term available components, the 15-inch POS-Line WebPoster M3 monitor from POS is ideal for harsh environments and industrial applications. It is available with a front bezel.


WebPoster M3, developed in-house, makes it easy to display websites in kiosk mode.


Optional TrueFlat Glass and TrueFlat Touch front panels with IP65 protection.



  1. POS-Line-15.6-IQ-Celeron


This POS-Line PC is based on a 1.5Ghz to 2.3Ghz Intel Celeron with an integrated graphics card, 4GB of DDR3L memory, and a 128GB SSD.


POS-Line series monitors provide a modular and flexible design, which means that you can choose open-frame monitors for restaurant counters, for in-store use, or a wall or desktop models. Examples of features include the front panel which allows easy installation, or the sleek TrueFlat glass screen, which ensures the durability of the device.


Optional IP65 TrueFlat Touch TrueFlat Glass & TrueFlat Touch front.

sealed tightly in appropriate packing and secured against the front or rear housing.


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