Why is xfinity wireless not showing up in USA

Why Is Xfinity Wireless Not Showing Up In USA



Find out how you can solve common problems that can arise with your WiFi and internet connection. – Why is xfinity wireless not showing up

Before  you begin troubleshooting the issue Make sure that the device you’re  using is connected to your home WiFi network and not to the Xfinity WiFi  Hotspot.

Check this out first. Restarting the Xfinity Gateway is the most commonly used method of fixing internet-related problems. If  our system is able to detect an issue that cannot be resolved by online  troubleshooting methods then you’ll be given the option to make the  appointment of one of our techs.

NOTE:If you purchased your own approved modem, you must press the button to restart the device. It is also possible to reset your modem by using your Xfinity My Account app or the Xfinity app (download our Xfinity apps).

If  the process of restarting the Gateway/modem isn’t able to resolve your  issue, you can try one of the suggestions below, or seek assistance with  connecting the router for the first time.



  Troubleshoot Internet Through My Account


  • Go to Devices tab . (You might be required to sign in with the Xfinity account and passcode.)
  • Scroll down until the Run Diagnostic Check and then click Start.
  • It will check your system to determine whether there are any problems. If  everything appears to be fine but you’re having problems, you can  restart the modem. Scroll down the page until you reach the Internet & Voice section and your modem should be displayed. Click Restart Modem to initiate the process of restarting your modem. This could take up to seven minutes. The internet at your home is likely to be unavailable for this time.

  Troubleshoot Internet : Through the Xfinity Account app


  • Open the Xfinity My Account app (available for Apple & Android).
  • Scroll down, and then click on your Internet
  • Choose your modem, then select troubleshoot Modem. Then, select Restart Device. It could take as long as seven minutes. Your internet connection is likely to be unavailable throughout this process.

  Troubleshoot Internet and Network Issues


In the event that this issue impacting multiple mobile devices, follow this procedure:

  •     Try a variety of apps or websites to ensure that the connection issue isn’t unique to one particular app or website.
  •     Look for outages in your area with this Xfinity Status Center Outage Map.
  •     Make  sure that the cables to your equipment are in place and that the  coaxial cable is tightly squeezing by applying your fingers to the wall  outlet as well as your equipment.
  •     Unplug the device and wait for a minute then plug it back into. This process, also referred to as powercycling or rebooting, can solve several issues with connections.
  •     Be sure that your account is up-to current on payments by visiting My Account and clicking on the billing tab of My Account (you might be required to sign in with your Xfinity account ID and password to sign in).
  •     If  you have an area of your home that has limited or Internet  connectivity, you should consider the addition of xFi Pods to increase  the WiFi coverage.

  Troubleshoot Connectivity Affecting Individual Devices


The previous section is focused on the resolution of network-related problems at the network level. If  you’re experiencing issues with connection on a particular phone, the  most effective method to diagnose the issue is using Xfinity xFi.


NOTE: Alternately, if your internet connection isn’t functioning, you can try troubleshooting with your Xfinity My Account app.


  • Log in to xFi using your Xfinity app.
  • Select the Connect
  • Select the specific device with problems.
  • Scroll down, and then click Troubleshoot Device.
  • Follow the steps to figure out what the issue might be and the best way to fix it.

Notification:The Troubleshoot a device feature isn’t currently available to users with xFi Pods on their account , or when you have purchased an certified modem.


For more information, go to Troubleshooting Your Home WiFi Network using Xfinity xFi.


  Resolving Other Common WiFi Issues


  •      Forgot your WiFi’s username as well as password?   
    •       Visit View and Change Your WiFi Password.
  •      Network is running way too slowly?   
    •       If  family members or multiple devices are connected to the WiFi connection  at at the same time, it could impact the performance of your network.
    •       Explore our speed options and equipment.
  •      Unintentionally connected with your Xfinity WiFi hotspot, instead of your home wifi network?   
    •       Learn you can prioritize your networks when going to Connecting to Your Devices.
  •      How do you set the game console (PlayStation/Xbox) or a Smart TV that can’t connect to the internet?    
    •       Learn how to connect your online gaming console with your house WiFi network.

  Tips To Improve Your WiFi Connection


For the best range and power, make sure that your Gateway is:

  •     It is located in the central region of your house.
  •     Affixed (off from the ground) as well as in an upright in an upright.
  •     In an open area, unobstructed by any obstructions.
  •     Utilizing a single WiFi name and password for you home’s network.

To reduce interference to the WiFi signal, position your gateway away from:

  •     Furniture and walls.
  •     Metal surfaces (including computer cases).
  •     Halogen/fluorescent lighting.
  •     Refrigerators and microwaves.
  •     Monitors for computers and TVs.
  •     The majority of cordless phones.
  •     Baby monitors.
  •     Massive amounts of water (like aquariums and water heaters).

  Other Factors That Can Impact WiFi Connectivity


  •     The amount of WiFi devices that are connected on your wireless network.
  •     Interference from neighbouring WiFi networks, particularly at times of high demand.
  •     Mobile devices have limitations.
  •     Distance between you Gateway and your mobile device.

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