WordPress website now – Get your website in 12-15 minutes

WordPress website now – Get your website in 12-15 minutes


WordPress now
Over 45 pre-built websites each with 7 professional plugins ready installed in 10 minutes. Industry solutions for hairdressers, yoga, massage and much more.

Websiterouter is a completely new concept to sell customers a WordPress website including online course.

With us, prospective customers can install a WordPress website with professional plugins selected by us in one click.

Like to try it before you become an affiliate.
Please try! You get a WordPress Website in 15 min-


Ordering options.

1st website is sold for $579,00.
Completion commission $144

2. Website is sold for $579,00 and then maintained for 34,95 per month
Closing commission $144
+Monthly commission 25%

There is not yet?


Every hoster offers the possibility to install WordPress with one click, but then the customization just starts. Theme install, plugins install and everything customize and build. Many customers are already overwhelmed here.

With us, the customer gets after 12-15 minutes waiting time a completely new website where only the texts need to be adjusted. This page will be installed on a subdomain on our server. Later it will be connected to the domain or moved. The important thing is that the customer has a website immediately and learns with our course how to customize it.

Think of Wix, Jimdo and others. These companies install everything on a subdomain first. We do the same, but with WordPress websites.

1. choose branch design or empty course page
2. enter domain prefix
3. send Digistore24 form



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